Google Maps MOOC

Posted on June 29, 2013


Earth ImageI signed up for this 2-week class and it looks like I’m not going to finish the requirements. It’s fine as I wasn’t looking for a certificate of any type. The course is basically some videos by some Google staff and some activities. With the NHL playoffs going on and other things, I haven’t been that dedicated to this adventure.

WordPress doesn’t like iframes but will convert a Google Map embed code. However, it appears that WordPress doesn’t know what to do with the new Google Maps Engine code. I’ll have to go with just giving you the link:

My Los Angeles Hiking Map & Post-Hike Food.

In the course, you do some sample grading of sample maps and compare the score you gave versus an “expert” score. As expected, I’m a softie when it comes to grading. There are some problems reading the expert feedback. For one sample map, it included feedback for a a different map. I would also like to see grading comparison to the grades given by other participants. Maybe I’ve been thinking too much about peer assessment recently!

The course emphasizes telling a story with a map. That’s where I think Google Maps can be used more in K12 and higher ed. A map shouldn’t just be a collection of “pins”, but a collection of locations involved in a larger story. Consider a map on a wall. A co-worker has map of the US on a wall and I often look at it. People will look at that see different things based upon their experiences.
The map will have a different meaning for each person.

Right now, I’m moving on to another MOOC through Canvas.