Online Brainstorm

Posted on January 4, 2013


Flip ChartWhile preparing for some F2F training, I was looking to ease up on the flip chart poster paper work that always seems to happen in training. I looked at some online options including Google Drawing. I found Google Drawing not usable for what I wanted to do. While it’s great one can use all the tools, they can also delete others’ contributions.

In the end, I used for a pre-training activity. I sent a link to a “wall” to people who weren’t involved in the training for them to test it out. It was pretty simple as all I wanted was for people to post ideas on the screen. Participants can choose to leave a name or not. The downside was that the name area is a red font and the message a black font. If a person doesn’t enter their name, then their text may be red or black.

Here is a sample of a brainstorm I had some people do asynchronously.

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