Would you give Einstein an C?

Posted on August 23, 2012


I find the video revealing. Both responses answers reveal a difference in assessment by academic levels. The K12 teacher notes that even the smart student still needs to meet standards. There has to be evidence, not just a teacher’s feeling. Prof. Dede notes how he has more freedom as a university professor. But K12 used to run on the same university grading system – the instructor knows what your grade is. There is it. That’s why they are the professor! Murky grading practices are part of the reason for the standards movement over the last 30 years. Students getting passing grades but had little content knowledge and couldn’t meet reading and writing levels. Those were the days of the teacher being the all knowing assessor. When a student would complain about their grade, I had a usual response, “I didn’t give you the grade, you did.” A grade doesn’t come from the instructor, but is generated by the student.