Chat vs. Q&A Pod in Adobe Connect

Posted on May 24, 2012


The Adobe Blog has an interesting post on the Q&A Pod. See: To moderate or not. That is the question pod.

When I began using Adobe Connect, I pushed the Chat Pod on user instead of the Q&A pod. “Easier to use!” I championed. Over time, I noticed that wild free-for-all chat pods took away from the formality of some webinars. One participant’s comment would hang out there during the entire presentation. Instead of looking at a slide of information and listening to an expert, I would focus on “I heard a crackle in the sound” or “Will we get to download a copy of this presentation?” I began to see the Chat Pod as a wasteland. “Behold the Q&A” I soon began saying. You can answer a question privately! But some users prefer the wild west Chat Pods when the meetings are more casual and less formal.

Q&A Pod: I suggest for more formal webinars. You should ask yourself, what do I want my recording to look like? What I like seeing is someone assigned to the Q&A Pod who will respond to questions and if needed ask the presenter a question during a pre-arranged question portion.

The Chat Pod is fine for that free form interaction many like. I’ve been in several informative webinars where the Chat Pod was a good crazy free-for-all. Participants were answering each other’s questions and making great comments. Many don’t realize this, but multiple Chat Pods can be used. You can rename them so each Chat Pod asks for a specific response from the participants.