Intro to Geocaching

Posted on May 26, 2011


GeoCaching is a worldwide hide and seek game using GPS receivers.  You find the coordinates of a cache at and use a GPS receiver to find the cache. You log your find on a log found with the cache.

I used Geocaching with a unit on Google Earth.

I had students use a generic Geocaching login to access the site.  Some on their own created their own logins. We explored the site and background of Geocaching.


  • Garmin eTrex. ( I applied for a district grant to get them).
  • Internet access to

    Garmin etrex

I showed 3 Youtube videos to help them understand. Later we found the locations on Google Earth and looked at the cache profile on


  • Longitude
  • Latitude
  • Equator
  • Prime Meridian


  • Find locations on school grounds and students record coordinates
  • Give students coordinates and students find caches or markings on campus
  • If possible, get off campus either to a nearby park or take a field trip elsewhere
  • Using Google Earth, students find locations of caches.
  • Give a listing of coordinates and have students identify which are north, south, east of west of each other.
  • Use your location coordinates as a landmark location and constantly quiz them if other locations are north, south, east or west of your school location.
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