Crosswords & Vocab

Posted on May 26, 2011


Discovery PuzzleMaker

To help students with their ELA vocabulary, use some online crossword puzzle creators. This can be a regular activity to keep students on top of their require vocabulary.

Prepare so students create crossword puzzles form different lists of  words. I make up about 3 lists and randomly pass them out.  If the list has 18 words, let them choose at least 15. That will add another level of uniqeness to it.

The reason for the paper lists is to not have students copy and paste. They are forces to read and type the word and definition into the online puzzle creator.

Students create crosswords, they are collected and redistributed to students so that each student gets another student’s crossword.

You can also make word searches and other puzzles at Discovery Education.

Other online puzzle makers:

Armored Penguin

New Puzzle Maker

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