Technology Issues in Education

Video: How Long is Too Long?

July 23, 2013


A common topic is how long should a video be? Sure, the complexity of the topic will have an effect. I recently took a MOOC via Coursera about Hybrid instruction. Some of the learning objects were short videos on teaching tips from Renton Technical College. Here is a link to the playlist.  I felt that the […]


Google Maps MOOC

June 29, 2013


I signed up for this 2-week class and it looks like I’m not going to finish the requirements. It’s fine as I wasn’t looking for a certificate of any type. The course is basically some videos by some Google staff and some activities. With the NHL playoffs going on and other things, I haven’t been […]

YouTube and Captioning

May 27, 2013


More and more educators are using Youtube to post videos. These videos may take different forms and have different purposes. They can used in the school or accessed outside of school by the student. The problem is that the videos are seldom captioned. A teacher may respond, “Do I really need to have my videos captioned? […]

TED Talks, Lecture Mode & Adult Learning

February 17, 2013


People love TED talks. Go ahead this week and mention “TED talks” and I guarantee someone will say “I love those!” Why? Good question – the content changes, so it can’t just be the content. Are all the speakers dynamic? I wouldn’t say so. Aside from the obligatory standing ovation at the end, there isn’t […]

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First MOOC Experience

February 3, 2013


I enrolled in my first MOOC (Massive Open Online Course). The course title was “Fundamentals of Online Education: Planning and Application.” Even Alanis Morissette would call that title ironic. What’s a MOOC? I’ll point you to Ellis Bookers’ “Is 2013 the year of the MOOC?.” Or better yet watch Daphne Koller’s TED Talk on MOOCS. […]

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Online Brainstorm

January 4, 2013


While preparing for some F2F training, I was looking to ease up on the flip chart poster paper work that always seems to happen in training. I looked at some online options including Google Drawing. I found Google Drawing not usable for what I wanted to do. While it’s great one can use all the […]

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Extend, Flip later

January 1, 2013


Don’t get caught up trying to “Flip” if you haven’t extended your class outside your classroom walls. What’s flipped? You can find various definitions of what flipped means – the general idea is that students view lectures at home and come into class ready for application. There is often an emphasis on video for the […]